Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Whom Dragons Rule, the sequel to Where Dragons Dwell, was released June 22, 2014. Yay!

Only...sequel isn't quite the word for it, I think. It's not so much a follow-up to the first story as an expansion of it...a "meanwhile" kind of expansion.

All but two of the characters are new (and those two appear only briefly), and the story takes place in a different kingdom. One event from the first story does impact what happens in the second story--which initially might make it sound like a sequel. But what happens in the second story takes place at roughly the same time as what happens in the first story--and that's why I consider it a "meanwhile."

Besides the timing issue, though, what makes it a "meanwhile" is the overarching historical background. Andelar, the central character in the first book, and Ryldalon, the central character in the second book, are both great-grandsons of the same man. (Please pardon the vague language--avoiding a slight spoiler here. :) ) The first book shows the family tree branching one way; the second book shows it branching another.  Andelar has been shaped by a family situation that is essentially whole; meanwhile, Ryldalon has been shaped by the brokenness that entered the family line.

But both are heroes--because what makes a hero a hero is not what others expect of him or what type of background he comes from, but what is in his heart and what he does in the most crucial of moments when  doing the right thing has a steep, steep price and only unwavering courage will do. (Same thing for heroines. :) )

As a result of the different backgrounds of these heroes, the second story has a slightly more somber tone at times than the first. But the theme of both books is hope: Where Dragons Dwell is about daring to hope in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances, and Whom Dragons Rule is about daring to hope in the face of brokenness...daring to overcome a broken past. the theme unfolds...dragon killing and villain thwarting are, of course, underway. :)

So there you have it: Whom Dragons Rule--the "meanwhile" to Where Dragons Dwell. Enjoy!

Wishing you hope...